Cool Photos

Pictures are in order of most recent to oldest.

November 2012 Interclub Tournament

St.Catharines Wado Kai 25th Anniversary

November 2011 Interclub Tournament

October 2011 - Special Forces Training, Fort Bragg

2010 Inter-club Invitational Learning Tournament

2010 October Kawartha Lakes (Lindsay) Tournament

2010 July Buffalo Clinic

2010 St.Catharines Grading

2010 March Calgary Tournament

2010 February - Pennsylvannia Shindo Clinic

2009 Inter-club Tournament

2003 Inter-club Tournament

Western Canadian Championships2003

Black Belt Grading 2003

Fort Erie Tournament 2003

Karate College 2002

SWKKF Team Competition 2002

2001 Inter-club Tournament

The 2001 Shintani Memorial Championships

Our junior graduating class of 2001

Ken Brown Memorial Tournament, Wawa 2001

The Peter Ciolfi Memorial Tournament, 2001

Black Belt Grading, 2001

The Annual Ft. Erie Tournament, 2001

Tons of pics from our Interclub tournament, November 2000

Bill Wallace Seminar, October 2000

Shintani Competition Team 2000-2002 Finals

More pics from Buffalo

A few extra shots...

Karate College 2000

May 2000, Shintani Memorial Tournament

May 2000, Black Belt Workshop

Over 60 pics of our Chris Natzke seminar!!!

A whole bunch of recent class pics from April 2000.

Inter-club Tournament, November 1999

On a Buffalo Friday Night

Karate College 1999


1999 Gradings

1998 Grimsby Tournament

Joe Lewis Clinic 1998

Sayonara Peter!

Karate College 1998

Sensei Peter Ciofi, Rokudan

Black Belt Grading, 1996

Karate College, 1995

Joe Lewis Clinic 1995

Inter-Club Tournament 1994

Black Belt Grading 1994

Karate College 1993

Karate College 1992, Our 1st Year

Seminar with Sensei Suzuki

A few from 1992, including the junior graduates.

When they were brown!

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